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Telefon: 283 013 333, 100
Email: info@primaska.cz

Nad Primaskou 1179/27
Praha 10, Strašnice
100 00

Companies of the PRIMASKA group

The companies of the group PRIMASKA are organized into two regional divisions which are located in Prague and Usti nad Labem. Each of the division is independent and can respond operatively to the clients’ needs. Client of the companies  PRIMASKA is definitely meant to be a client of the group PRIMASKA and not only a client of the regional division. Headquarters of the group of the companies PRIMASKA and its seat are in Prague.

The companies of the group PRIMASKA are represented by young promising specialists. Professional teams and specialized divisions are led by experienced auditors, accountants, tax specialists and IT experts. Professionalism,  high level of expertise and experience are requirements we demand from our employees. We invest continuously in their education and in improvement of their qualification. Our company philosophy is providing services in its entirety of economic activity from outsourcing of information systems and accounting related services to tax and accounting services, consultancy and auditor’s services.



Prezentation of Primaska companies